With Love Lingerie 

Capturing the many layers of a women’s sensuality, With Love Lingerie split into 2 main collections: With Love and Love Bites.  Each one represents the different sides to a woman’s lingerie tastes.   

With Love 

With Love is for the classic lingerie enthusiast who is delighted by styles that draw upon everything from old Hollywood glamour and the spirit of the classic 40's and 50's pinup era.  

Love Bites 

Love Bites is a dynamic, energetic collection of edgy mesh and risqué pieces for the femme fatale.  The pieces are perfect for a walk on the wild side.  Featuring mesh, straps and cut-outs, Love Bites is not for the faint of heart.


Founded in 2010 With Love Lingerie creates collections that appeal to an urban woman whose love of timeless style and fashion extends beyond her outerwear and into her underpinnings. The designs are influenced by current fashion trends and fuse them with elegant lingerie styles to create exciting pieces with each capsule collection. 

With Love founder and head designer, Carrie Russell, muses, "women can feel guilty when they indulge in a box of chocolates or a bottle or their favourite Merlot, but the right lingerie should make them feel like a million dollars." With Love is proud to be part of the Canadian fashion community and chooses to keep production in Canada.  Carrie is devoted to maintaining ethical labour practices in her business and is a dedicate advocate of the slow fashion movement.