Underbust Cincher
Underbust Cincher
Underbust Cincher

Underbust Cincher

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Underbust Cincher Black Satin boudoir pin up lace boned corset

This corset is under the bust style with front metal busks and lighlty boned seams to accomodate comfort and curves. It has back classic lacing and satin trim. Highlights an hourglass figure!

Sizes are adjustable due to back lacing but are as follows

Bust 30-32" Waist 23-24"

Bust 32"-34" Waist 25"- 27"

Bust 34-36" Waist 26"- 28"

Bust 36"-38" Waist 29"- 32"

Extra Large
Bust 38-42" Waist 32"- 35"

This is a fantastic corset for boudiour, pinup, special occasion and for fashion but is not recommended for tight-lace practicing.